Can Stove

This was Evan's Christmas present to me this year. One night right before Christmas, Evan and I jumped into his van and searched all over for the Heinekin keg cans the instructions called for. Interrestingly, Beattville KY is a dry town (I had no idea as this was the first time we've ever purchased alchoholic beverages) so we had to venture out near Natural Bridge State Park to find these.



The stoves burn denatured alcohol and burn for an incredibly long time. Evan found the directions online and I can include a link soon. They only take a couple of minutes to construct and are cheap as free. To transport the fuel, I bought a really cool fuel bottle from rei. I believe that I was able to get this first attempt stove to burn for roughly 15 minutes on one fill of fuel.

I will have better pictures and the link to the instructions eventually. Note how the flames are invisible in bright light. These are great for camping. And by camping, I mean of course, gettin' in this truck and rollin' it down into the holler...