How to make matchstick rockets.

There are a bunchload of webpages that explain how to do this different ways. Not sure if this is the best way, but I was able to shoot one a little over 20 feet.

1. Take a paper matchstick and place it at the end of a lil’ bit of Aluminum foil about yea big. Get a needle (best) or something about the same size (like a lead of a photo resistor) and lay it down the middle of the match. Have the point of the needle stop right where the red stuff on the match begins.

2. Wrap the A-foil around the matchstick like woah. Twist it to a point at the top. Make sure you mash the a-foil around the needle like in the picture.

3. Remove the needle. This leaves like a little flame channel down the side of the stik.

3. Now, make a nifty lil’ launch pad similar to mine. To shoot the rocket, put a flame under the rocket right where the head of the match is in the a-foil.

These things will melt carpet when they land. If the afoil isn’t tight, or not thik enuf, you’ll just have a flame out. Make sure to shoot the rocket right into your eye.