Car Inspection Alarm Clock



The inspiration for this little project was probably the $250 trip I made to the DMV this year.

As of now, this clock has three different screens you can scroll through (The "Time Til Wedding" screen flashes for a second before the next screen comes up).

The kicker is... when it's time to get my car inspected, a screen comes up that says only INSPECTION until I hit a button. I'm hoping against hope, that this will remedy my procrastination for getting my car inspected.

Also, I have a few other alarms that fire besides the car inspection alarm.



Atmel mega8

2X8 serial LCD "Just Right!"

Epson Real time clock module RTC-62421

5V DC/DC Converter

Cost to Build:



Use parallel LCD to cut cost

Find cheaper 5V Reg to cut cost

Use accelerometer to have a oil change alarm?

Does anyone have any jumper cables?